Australian - New Zealand Consumer Protection Laws do not apply to purchases from overseas.

To protect yourself, we recommend you purchase from one of our Australian - New Zealand appointed Authorized Retailers. You can visit their Stores or order from their on-line E-Stores. You will be guaranteed a new, working time piece with a full international warranty and outstanding local customer service and support.

Overseas Internet Dealers are not Australian-New Zealand appointed Authorized Dealers and are not authorized by the manufacturer to sell to Australia and New Zealand. 

 Be aware:

.     Warranties Claims for purchases from Overseas Internet Sellers or Auction Sites are NOT accepted in Australia & New Zealand and are classified as grey imports. (even if purchased from an overseas anthorized seller). Such warranty claims must be directed to the seller.

.     Watches sold online by ‘Grey Market' Dealers - are often used, old, defective, refurbished watches or close-out stock.

.     Some Overseas Internet Dealers bulk-purchase defective watches, using the parts to make them into 'new' ones.

Support your local dealer and your local dealer will support you.