General Care and handy Tips:

Proper Care will ensure enjoyment of your traser watches Australia, traserH3 Australia, Jowissa Australia, Glycine Australia, XEMEX Swiss Watch timepieces for many years to come.

We recommend the following:

  • Store your watch in the original box.
  • Clean your watch with a soft cloth - do not let dirt build up.
  • Keep your watch away from hot water, steam (saunas) or strong magnetic fields.
  • Watchbands can suffer damage when in contact with perfumes, body lotions, suntan lotions, etc.
  • Do not shower, swim, or immerse watch in water, unless it is a sports watch with high water resistance. Leather straps will suffer damage if in contact with water. (Refer to Water Resistance Guide for more details).
  • Have your watch checked for water resistance at least every 2 years. Seals in crowns, pushers etc. may deteriorate and may need replacing regularly.
  • Replace batteries at least every 2 years, unless advised otherwise.


Watch stopped

If your watch stops to work within the warranty period, return it (secure mail or similar) to our service center or the authorised representative in your country of residence (handling fee may apply). Quartz watches need new batteries about every 2 - 5 years depending on the model watch. Important: have the battery replaced only by a qualified Watchmaker (note: Jewellers are not Watchmakers).

How to Change the Date

Please refer to the How to Change the Date Guide

Setting & Re-setting your watch

Please refer to the 1. Setting Instructions Guide for time & date    2.  Setting & Re-setting Ronda Chronograph      3.  Setting & Re-setting ETA Chronograph

Glass damaged

Have it replaced immediately by an authorized watchmaker, as moisture, water and dirt may enter the casing and damage the movement.

Watch Strap damaged

Perfume, body lotion, water & etc. can cause damage to your strap. Manufacturers do not warrant straps or bracelets.

Water condensation under glass

A sudden change of temperature may cause condensation to build under the glass. Light condensation is the result of the moisture of the air inside the watch building up under the glass. This will have no impact on the fuctionality of the watch unless the condensation persists. If condensation under the glass persists it means that the seals of the watch case, crown or pushers have been compromised and therefore the case is no longer waterresistant. This may also occur if the watch has been exposed to water pressure beyond its capacity. Seals in crowns, pushers, case backing, or the glass may be damaged. Have the watch checked immediately by an authorized watchmaker. It is important to keep wearing the watch. The body temperature will keep the moisture under the glass, thus minimizing or preventing any damage to the movement. If the watch cools down the moisture will “drop” into the movement, which may cause irreparable damage.

Water resistance

Please refer to the Water Resistance Guide

Watch not keeping time

Quartz watches generally are very accurate and should keep time to within 1-5 seconds per day. Mechanical watches should be accurate to within 15 seconds per day. Exposure to extreme conditions can influence the accuracy of your watch. An authorized watchmaker can make adjustments should your watch not be accurate. The cause of inaccurate time keeping may be the result of the watch having received a shock. Smart Phones, Mobile devises, magnetic Locks (handbag locks) etc., within the immidiate vicinity of your watch may can cause your watch to loose accuracy or may cause it to stop completely.

Returns & Repairs

Not satisfied with purchase

Consult your Authorised Dealer within 7 days of purchase.

Watch stops working

The watch is generally guaranteed for a period of 2 Years from the date of purchase except for Victorinox which is 5 Years. The guarantee covers faulty material and workmanship, but excludes batteries, watchbands and the glass. The guarantee is valid worldwide and is covered by the manufacturer. Return your watch, together with proof of purchase to the authorized service representative in your country of residence as detailed in your guarantee card, or manufacturer’s website (handling fee may apply).

Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims should be forwarded to the authorized Service Centre in your country. A fully validated Warranty Certificate and proof of purchase is required when making a claim. It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of proof of purchase or warranty certificate.


Terminology - watchspeak



Housing of the movement - your watch.

Crystal, Glass

Covers the face of your watch. The Glass can be mineral, sapphire or plexy. Modern watches generally have mineral or sapphire glasses fitted, of which sapphire is harder, more durable and almost completely scratch resistant.


The watch face. Some have luminous indices and luminous hands that will glow in the dark and allow you to read the time in the dark.


No watch is absolutely shockproof. Most watches are shock resistant and will withstand everyday use to extreme condition.


No watch is absolutley waterproof. Most watch cases are tested for leakage using air or water pressure. Generally, the water resistance of your watch depends on the type of watch, for example: Sports Watch, Fashion Watch, or Dress Watch. The Water resistance is measured in ATM’s or in Meters (depth under water): e.g. 3ATM = 30m, 20ATM=200m. Diving watches are typically 20ATM + or water resistant 200m + depth and can withstand substantial water pressure.

Water resistant

As above. It is the more generally used description for all types of watches. Most watches are 3ATM (30m) or 5ATM (50m) and are able to withstand accidental splashing with water. Please refer to the Water Resistance Guide


Stop watch. Measures time to split seconds, e.g. 1/10th of a second. Please refer to the How to Use/Set the Chronograph Please refer to the How to Use/Set the Chronograph-Alarm


Allows measuring of speed by timing the movement of an object e.g. Car, from one point to another. Please refer to the How to Use/Set the Tachymeter

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